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Back to School “You can’t learn in school what the world is going to do next year” - Henry Ford In the global investment strategy calendar there is only one period of time that can compare with the turn of the year in
Posted on 12th September 2018 By Chris Bailey


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    We find the service very competent and friendly. Especially useful is the on-line account which enables us to track the performance of all of our investments whenever we want. This also gives full transparency of charges, which we have not had before.

    John & Mel Stride | Market Harborough
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    Due to government changes to pensions in 2015 I contacted Raymond James at their Market Harborough branch. Their friendly and expert approach took all the hassle away from me as they arranged my pension fund. I find it extremely comforting to have their expertise at the end of the phone, or to be able to talk to them personally. After just over a year with them, my returns are vastly superior to any other investments available at the moment. Well done Tom and all at Raymond James.

    John Edwards | Market Harborough
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    At Raymond James Market Harborough I have always been made to feel that my investments are in safe hands. Here you are not just an account number and as a client you are well looked after and valued. I would never hesitate to recommend their services be your portfolio large or small.

    Tony Johnson | Kibworth Beauchamp
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    For the first time ever with a Financial Adviser I know exactly what they charge, and I know exactly what the return has been on our investment. Surprisingly that isn’t the norm from my experience. We have had a fantastic return on our investment which is the first time we have ever had that with a investment adviser.

    Keith & Kath Lawson-West |
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    I put a small amount of money with them and all through the economic downturn the investments have stood their ground, in fact they have made a little bit of an improvement, so to have done that in the climate we have been through, I’m completely happy.

    Jonathan Brookes | Market Harborough
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    Having built up a trustworthy relationship with Tom Spain and his professional staff at Raymond James over a number of years, I had no hesitation in recommending friends and family to contact them to hear how Tom could assist in their Financial planning in a Friendly and Professional but most of all, successful environment.

    John Danes | Narborough
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    We have worked with Tom Spain over the last 7 years and have been delighted by the service and advice we have received. Tom meets with us regularly and keeps us up to date with our investments which provide us with a regular income. We would highly recommend him as someone you can trust and rely upon for good advice.

    Douglas & Freda Rudge | Leicester
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    I was introduced to Tom Spain of Raymond James by my accountants after a rather traumatic experience with previous financial advisers. The advice he gives is solid and the meetings we have every 3 months are very reassuring. One of the most important things to me is that Tom takes an interest in me as a person and has my interests at heart. I would have no hesitation in recommending Raymond James and have, in fact, already introduced Tom to some of my friends and they too are very happy with the service he provides.

    Veronica James | Kibworth Beauchamp
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    Personal service, professional and friendly; I’ve been made to feel that my investment goals really matter to the team and they see me as a person and not just a faceless account.

    Geoffrey Liggins | Leicester
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    Tom Spain’s advice on my investments has been invaluable over the years! Helping me to create a tax free income and keeping my investments heading in the right direction through challenging markets. I would recommend him and his team to anyone needing quality advice.

    Dorothea Livesley | Market Harborough
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    I love their honesty, integrity, and the way they look after you. I met Tom 9 years ago and he set up my future life, my pensions, my ISAs and they have far outperformed what I expected.

    Raj Nataly | Lutterworth
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    They are holding your future in their hands so you have to trust them and their judgements and that they’re honest with you and understand what you are going to need from your financial investments. I actually had a review yesterday and I am very thrilled and my mother has got investments with them too so I’m very pleased.

    Amanda Brookes | Market Harborough
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    The most important thing I look for in a Financial Adviser is integrity and we have now had 9 years of experience with Tom and we trust his integrity 100%.

    Ken & Wendy Edmond | Market Harborough
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    Trust is very important. I can rely on Tom to ring me when he wants to make changes and to discuss it. We have our reviews every 4-6 months and that is very important as well. I am fairly active in that I like to keep up with what’s going in my portfolio so I am often able to talk to Tom on that basis and I’m always happy and relieved that we think along the same lines.

    Peter Ellement | Market Harborough